Marine Projects

Outer Harbour Wharf Tie-Down Anchor

Project description

For Flinders Ports fabricated & installed 4 off OH6 & 4 off OH7 Wharf Tie Down Anchors for the 2 new container cranes.

The original design provided by Flinders Ports was not sufficient in that installation would be very difficult. Aztec Analysis got involved and provided a new design that proved to be a better option.

There were other changes throughout the contract with scaffolding for installation being cancelled halfway through & a work boat being mobilised. We designed, fabricated & mobilised a wharf work box to help with installation. This was done at our own cost and proved to be an innovative idea that helped to move the project forward.

Project details

  • Flinders PortsClient:
  • MarineCategory:
  • August, 2015Date Completed:
  • $149,000Initial Cost: